Do your waters contain calories?

Not at all! All our waters contain 0 calories. Keep in mind though, once you ingest the physical fruit you ARE taking in calories.


Do your waters contain any sugars?

Nope! Our waters may taste sweet and delicious, but they contain 0 sugar. Keep in mind though, once you ingest the physical fruit you ARE taking in the natural sugars of the fruit.


What’s the best way to consume my Eliqua LLC waters?

            We recommend you enjoy your waters chilled or over ice for optimal taste. You should also consume your Eliqua LLC waters within 4-5 days of receiving them.


How should I store my waters?

            You should always store your waters in the refrigerator to preserve their freshness.


What’s the shelf life of your waters?

            Once opened, our waters can last up to 2-3 days. Unopened, they last up to 5 days in the proper storing conditions.


Can I eat the fruit once I’ve finished my water?

            You absolutely can! However, keep in mind the longer the water infuses, the less flavorful the fruit will be once you eat it.


Can I reuse my fruit to make more water?

            Absolutely not! The most benefits come from the initial infusion process. Reusing the fruit will NOT provide the same level of benefits if any.


How are my Eliqua LLC waters packaged?

All our waters are bottled in BPA free water bottles that can be recycled. We also package each order in a 100% recyclable box that is lined with recyclable thermal insulate to help keep your Eliqua LLC waters cool during their travels.