• Our Mission

    “Providing you with Life’s Natural Elixir to promote and support your body’s natural needs.”


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What Is Eliqua?


Eliqua LLC is a water company that specializes in fruit infused waters that work with different areas of the body. Water is a panacea for life, which means it is a “cure all” remedy. Water is such an important part of our bodies, as well as our diets, that we need to make sure we are drinking enough of it. A lot of people struggle with drinking water because they feel that it has no taste or that it isn’t that important to their health, so they opt for sodas or juices instead. 

Eliqua LLC was created to help break down the stigma of water being tasteless and unimportant. By using naturally infused flavors in our waters at Eliqua LLC, we can make people more aware and conscious of the benefits of water while also providing a great tasting product!

There is a debate between infused water vs regular water, people believe them both to have the same effect on their overall health. While this is slightly true, there are some differences. Unlike other flavored water brands on the market, Eliqua LLC uses specific ingredients to create our fruit infused water recipes to give your body what it needs. Our waters are designed to work with your body’s natural chemistry and support it in certain areas. Our infused waters provide the same benefits to your body as regular water does, but we use the essential nutrients from the added ingredients to give your water more power! 

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